Worlds End Lodge Rio Irigoyen

The Missing Salmon Alliance Fishmongers 2019


Irigoyen river is located on the east coast of the island, 180km south-east from Rio Grande and 200km north-east from Ushuaia. This legendary tree-lined river has become famous not only for the size of the sea trout, but also for the way it is fished. Middle to small-sized, it is a great challenge for anglers who are looking for a special, exclusive, and unique fishing experience.

World’s End Lodge offers the possibility of fishing for sea trout in unique, intimate, and almost virgin environments, surrounded by wildlife and sheltered from the wind. Situated in a dense lenga forest, the Irigoyen river gives anglers the opportunity to fish for trophy sea trout with single-handed rods and mostly floating lines with long leaders.

With only four anglers per week in single-room accommodation, World’s End Lodge offers the most exclusive and unique fishing experience, providing our guests with a long rotation and plenty of rested water to fish every session.



The Irigoyen river is of a medium–small size, ideal for fishing with one-handed rods or a switch rod, and we usually use equipment number 7–8 with float and intermediate lines.
Leaders of at least 20lbs of resistance and classic sea trout flies complete the ideal equipment
We fish small pockets that are between pools and are generally formed by structures such as sticks, fallen trees, and roots that provide protection and shelter to the solid sea trout.
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